Cypress Creek Indoor Range is a state of the art indoor shooting range, retail gun store, and training center in Florence, Alabama. We are proud to offer facility designed with elements representing the Shoals' beauty and history. We pride ourselves in being a family friendly destination for fun in a safe environment.

Everyone is welcome - no membership required!

How about a virtual tour of our store! Come on in and take a look around….

In addition to our beautifully designed indoor range, we have a full retail store:

  • new & used guns

  • suppressors

  • ammunition

  • holsters

  • range supplies

  • personal protection items

  • If you don’t see it, then we will get it for you.


Monthly payment plans are now available! Simply fill out and submit the online membership application, but do not follow the Paypal link. Instead, send an email to stating that you have submitted the membership application and would like to enroll in the monthly payment plan.

ALL membership types get:

  • 10% OFF target ammunition

  • 50% OFF paper targets

  • 10% OFF training classes


  • 6 guest passes included

  • Up to 1 week advance lane reservations

  • 4 free FFL transfers

  • 1 free tshirt or hat

  • Maximum of 2 lanes reserved at one time

  • Exclusive access to our Member’s Only Lounge


  • 10 guest passes included

  • Up to 1 week advance lane reservations

  • Parents must accompany dependents under 18 yoa

  • Any dependent can be included but must be listed on application

  • Maximum of 2 lanes reserved at one time

  • 2 free tshirts or hats

  • 4 free FLL transfers

  • Exclusive access to our Member’s Only Lounge


Available to be tailored to your needs. Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

ARE YOU OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, OR DO I NEED A MEMBERSHIP? We are open to the public, but do have membership options available.

DO I NEED A CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT TO SHOOT? No you do not. Alabama law only requires a permit if a pistol is concealed on your person.

CAN I BRING MY OWN GUN TO SHOOT? Yes you may bring your own gun, as long as it is no larger than a .308 caliber. We ask that all guns either be holstered or in a case before entering the building. If you don't have a case or holster, we have cases you can borrow while you are here.

DO I HAVE TO RESERVE A LANE? Lane reservations are a benefit of membership. Members can make reservations, non-members simply walk in to rent a lane.

DO YOU ALSO SELL GUNS? We have a full retail store; handguns, long guns, suppressors, ammunition, cleaning supplies, holsters and accessories. We give away FREE range time with every gun sold. We also have a full line of personal-sized gun safes and cases as well.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET BATF APPROVAL FOR A SUPPRESSOR? Unfortunately, it can take 6-12 months to get that approval. HOWEVER, at Cypress Creek Indoor Range, you can shoot your suppressor the day you buy it, and any time after. The suppressor has to stay with us until you get that approval, but it's yours, so you can enjoy it immediately!

CAN YOU HELP ME FIND WHICH GUN IS RIGHT FOR ME? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you pick out which gun is right for you. Feel free to ask for advice, a Gun Fitting, or choose a rental gun to try out.

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AGE TO SHOOT? We have not set a minimum age to shoot. All children are different, and have different maturity levels. A parent or guardian must be present with all minors, and are responsible for their conduct.

CAN I SIT DOWN TO SHOOT IN THE RANGE? Yes you can. We have stools and chairs available for use. We also have pop-up rifle benches that can be used to sight in and sandbag your rifle. All at no additional charge. We only ask that you keep your targets far enough down range that your shot will not rise and hit any equipment. Your RSO can help you with this.


Gift Giving Suggestions

Gift Cards and Range Passes make an excellent gift for Christmas, birthdays or just because. Simply click on the product below and follow the steps to complete your order

Gift Cards can be purchased in $25 increments, and can be used for anything at Cypress Creek Indoor Range, including range time, gun and merchandise purchases, and training classes.

Range Passes can be used at any time to cover one hour of range time and have a one-year expiration.

Both of these are available for in-store pickup or we will mail them to you within 24 hours.

CCIR Gift Cards
from 25.00

Cypress Creek Indoor Range Gift Cards are a GREAT gift and can be used for range time, gun and merchandise purchases, and training classes. They are reloadable and reusable.

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CCIR Range Passes
from 90.00

CCIR Range Passes make a great gift for anyone! They can be purchased in a page of 10 passes for $170 (SAVE $30), or a page of 5 passes for $90 (SAVE $10). Each pass is good for one hour of range time. They can be picked up in store, or we can mail them USPS within 24 hours of order.

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