Training Classes

Here at Cypress Creek Indoor Range we value responsible firearm use and ownership. Because of this, we offer a wide variety of training and safety courses. From "Handgun 101" on up, we can help you develop and maintain your firearm skills. Individual instruction and group classes are available. If you don't see a topic you'd like to have taught, send us a suggestion to

Private Lessons: If you’d like a more personal one-on-one teaching experience, we will schedule a private lesson just for you. You will work with an instructor to learn the basics, or sharpen your skills. We can also offer a private lesson for you and a friend, if that makes you more comfortable. If you’d like to request an appointment, please click on the button below:

Church Security Training. This training is offered in two phases. You can choose one or both:

We will send our instructors to your church facility to make suggestions on facility security, personnel security, security procedures and more. Details and pricing vary depending on your needs.

We also have a 3-4 block of instruction available that is held at Cypress Creek Indoor Range. This includes instruction in weapon drawing techniques. Participants will engage in live-fire drills and a pistol qualification course recognized by the Alabama Security Regulatory Board. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the this training. 

If you'd like more information about our Church Security Training, please send an email to or call 256-275-7586. We welcome the opportunity to help your team!

Armed Aggressor Training. Whether custody issues, domestic issues, or disgruntled ex-employees, every business is at risk of having an Armed Aggressor Incident. This training is for businesses that want to be proactive in developing and implementing a plan should the unthinkable happen. We will come to your business and make a presentation to your employees on how to mentally and physically prepare for these horrible events.

If you'd like more information about our Armed Aggressor Training, please send an email to or call 256-275-7586.