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Our staff sings(?) this timeless classic... please try to enjoy.
Take a video tour of Cypress Creek Indoor Range. The entire facility was designed with an interior designer to make it bright, open and welcoming. Our professional staff will make you feel at home, without intimidation or pressure.

Wes talks to a customer about the Cypress Creek Indoor Range advantage on customer suppressor experience.

Brian explains the procedure for coming in to rent a lane and have some fun shooting.

Stag Arms we converted to full-auto. Keith shows us how its done. It’s available to rent every day for only the cost of ammunition. No gun rental fee!

Take a Gen3 Glock 17, mix in a few parts and a little know how from our Gunsmith, and have a blast (pun intended)!!! FYI: testing it out with about 80 rounds. The 2nd magazine has 33 rounds in it. It’s available to rent every day for only the cost of ammunition. No gun rental fee!

Tracey, one of our Range Safety Officers, shows what's happening today during a gun fitting.
During one of our Basic Self Defense Classes, the women wanted to know how this particular technique would work if your assailant was bigger than you. I think it worked.....
Cypress Creek Indoor Range is proud to carry Extant Labs Echo Two-Five E-CLP and Alpha Sauce. This is good stuff!
Our own Wesley Poe is going to give a FREE informational class on Suppressors. Wesley will answer your questions about suppressors: how long does it take to get ATF approval; how do I apply for approval; do I have to wait that long to shoot my suppressor; what suppressor do I need?
Here is Wes trying his hand at our Charging Zombie Match. How would you do?